Dumping Comodo for Let’s Encrypt

Dumping Comodo for Let’s Encrypt

I have been trying to support the open source and free software communities more over the past couple years. Linux has become a big part of my job and I use free software every day instead of Windows. I was especially excited about Let’s Encrypt because they provide anyone a free and trusted certificate at zero cost. Since Let’s Encrypt became available to the public, it has issued more than five million certificates [1].

In the past Comodo has made some questionable decisions and most recently they tried to steal the Let’s Encrypt trademark. I imagine Comodo saw Let’s Encrypt as a threat and damaging to their business of selling certificates. Thankfully Let’s Encrypt reached out to the community and we spoke out. Long story short, Comodo backed off and removed their trademark requests. I assume most people may already know about it, but you can read a summary here.

After I saw the response from Comodo’s CEO, Melih, I contacted Namecheap who resells Comodo certificates. Melih is clearly confused and does not understand the difference between giving customers a 90-day free trial and giving certs away for free and forever. Amazingly, as of July 23, 2016, Comodo has not pulled down the forum post from their CEO [2], but I uploaded a backup screen shot here just in case. After this shady move, Namecheap said they appreciate the current partnership. So now it is time for me to personally stop supporting Comodo and switch to Let’s Encrypt.



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