Ordering Printed Circuit Boards – OSH Park

Ordering Printed Circuit Boards – OSH Park


  • Easy!
  • Quick
  • Cheap
  • Made in the USA

OSH Park made the ordering process so easy. I simply uploaded the zip file containing the board documents and it automatically processed everything. I was able to review what I uploaded to verify it looks good then place my order. I didn’t need to know board size, number of layers, thickness, or anything that some other ordering places require.


  • Must order at least 3


  • Can’t pick board colors

Personally I do not mind the purple boards but I could see some people wanting a specific color for some projects.


Timeline: Keep in mind Thanksgiving was during this period and may have slowed down the process.

  • Nov 19th – Placed Order
  • Nov 19th – Assigned to Panel and sent to fab
  • Nov 30th – OSH Park received from fab
  • Nov 30th – OSH Park shipped to me
  • Dec 5th – Arrived at my house

Yes, I would definitely recommend OSH Park for ordering custom printer circuit boards. Just for kicks, I uploaded the SparkFun Arduino Shield but to order three it was more expensive than ordering from SparkFun. If you need more options and know what you are doing then it might be better to check elsewhere but for a new developer that just wants a quick custom board this is a fantastic place to go. I am not an expert, by any means, but quality looks great to me.

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