Building my own Tastic RFID Thief, Part 2

Building my own Tastic RFID Thief, Part 2

I received my printed circuit boards and wrapped up my Tastic RFID Thief and wrote a review on the ordering process from OSH Park. I started soldering on the components and things fit well. If I were doing the project over again I would have ordered a socket to solder to the board instead of soldering the Arduino Nano directly although I am not sure if that would make it too tall.


I did not take as many pictures as I could have but I wanted to avoid modifying the HID case as much as possible. I ended up drilling out the hole in the back to fit a small switch and wired up the batteries in a series. They are secured using thick 3M double sided tape. I had a small issue with the tape coming loose so I used some sand paper to rough up the surfaces.


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