A New Year – We need more, not less democracy

A New Year – We need more, not less democracy

The other day while walking my dog I started thinking about some ideas and goals I have recently started building. As I have said before I spend quite a bit of time watching various security videos. Since the Snowden leaks those interests branched out to be more political and motivational. I have began to have a bigger part in that community but I was having trouble deciding where I wanted to go in life. I mean, I am not a programmer by any means so something like working for the Tor project seems impossible. I am not a lawyer so working for the EFF or the ACLU is unlikely. I have a lot of computer skills but most of them relate to businesses that manage many servers and applications. I enjoy things like a reliable paycheck and comfort.

Now without all these skills we can still do something. I do not need to figure out the master plan before I start something. I could begin learning to program, I could read more, I could setup SecureDrop in a lab environment, I could convert my Tor relay into an exit node, or I could even begin learning another language. I may never be the next Jacob Appelbaum working for the Tor Project and spreading awareness like the video above but small ideas are capable of becoming something larger. So you do not need to know your end goal to get started today.


  • Install Signal
  • Install Tor

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