VMware 3.5 Horizon Client in AMD64 Debian

VMware 3.5 Horizon Client in AMD64 Debian

After downloading VMware-Horizon-Client-3.5.0-2999900.x64.bundle from My VMware the first step is make it it executable and execute the bundle.

chmod 777 VMware-Horizon-Client-3.5.0-2999900.x64.bundle


Accept the terms and pick which options you would like to install. I personally only needed USB Redirection. Once the install completes it will ask you to scan the system. The installer was unable to find the libudev.so.0 library to support USB redirection.


The installer is looking for an older version of libudev. In order to correct this we can create a symbolic link between libudev.so.1 to libudev.so.0. I believe older versions of the installer required multiarch but 3.5 doesn’t seem to anymore. In my notes from previous installs I also put down /usr/lin/i386-linux-gnu as the original target so your installation may vary.

ln -sf /lib/$(arch)-linux-gnu/libudev.so.1 /lib/$(arch)-linux-gnu/libudev.so.0

You can run the find command to see if similar files are already on the system. The star is a wild card.

find -name “libudev*”

If you don’t have the library installed you can also use apt-get search to look for how to install it.

apt-cache search libudev

If you selected more features just repeat the same process for each “missing” library. The installer seems to be improving overtime but it seems silly that VMware doesn’t take care of this process for you.


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