Arch Linux, Lost networking on upgrade

Arch Linux, Lost networking on upgrade

downloadInstead of using Dropbox, recently, I’ve been running an installation of OwnCloud at my house on top of Arch Linux. I set it up before applying for my current job to get extra exposure to Linux.

Arch Linux is said to be a simple and lightweight version of Linux. The installation guides were helpful as it doesn’t include a fancy installation GUI like a lot of other distros these days.

Everything was running well until I decided to update. After rebooting I noticed the server was no longer pingable. Running ifconfig only returned the loopback address.

I found out the network interface changed its name after reboot. Thankfully this wasn’t a remote server so it was an easy fix. Below are the commands I ran to get the server back online. There seemed to be multiple ways to do this and nothing I found online laid it very cleanly.

Consider “net-conf-interface” as a variable for whatever is returned when you run ip link. In my case it was eno1377788.

ip link


systemctl start network@net-conf-interface
systemctl enable network@net-conf-interface

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