Cisco ASA TrendMicro CSC Bug – Resolved

Cisco ASA TrendMicro CSC Bug – Resolved

Last night I updated my customer to one of the later releases of the TrendMicro CSC software, version csc6.3.1172.4. Since their ASA is not up to 6.4 I was unable to go to the latest version. Things seemed to be working well but after the upgrade the logs were no longer streaming into ASDM.

The next morning I started digging into this. I discovered that there is a bug in the 6.3.1172.4 release and it’s a known issue.
(You will need a Cisco Account to log in so I attached a pdf print out of this at the bottom.)

Unfortunately there is no work around for the problem. While researching I came across this Cisco support thread. Somanna M.P posted that you can open a ticket and get an Engineering fix that will replace the ‘tmlogser’ file by logging into the root account.

Not wanting to waste time I did this myself… I downloaded the latest update package, csc6.6.1125.0.pkg and opened it up in WinRar. Inside I discovered a new tmlogser file. Now all I had to do was log into the CSC Session, rename the old one, tftp the newer file, run chmod to give it executable permissions, and restart the services.

I’m not going to do a complete walk through of the process because I do not believe there are very many of these out there. Here are a few screenshots of the process. Click on the pictures to view a larger version.

This is the command I used to find the location of tmlogser:

Old file size (14,296):

Winrar opening the Cisco update (tmlogserv size 14,284):

A shot of the tftp transfer:
get tftp

Finally restarting the services:
log service stopped


Software Bug ToolKit (Pdf)

tmlogserv (Rar)

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