WSUS Migration Oops

WSUS Migration Oops

I believe a big part of IT is owning up to and learning from your mistakes. We’ll Wednesday was one of those days. I was moving WSUS from a production webserver to a more appropriate place.

Everything was going great until I decided to remove WSUS from the old server during business hours. During the removal process it restarted the IIS services. They came back up pretty quickly and everything looked okay but we discovered that the ASP code was not being served at all. A quick HTML test showed that web pages were still running but not the ASP.

After digging into it for a few minutes we found something during the uninstall process sets ASP.NET v2.0 to be prohibited within the Web Service Extensions. After setting it back to allowed the missing content was back. It’s just one of those things you need to watch out for and keep in mind.

The Culprit:

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    1. I might test this out again and see if it happens every time. I’m also wondering if the same flaw exists when removing WSUS from Windows Server 2008.

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