Repairing Windows 7 Digital Signature

Repairing Windows 7 Digital Signature

Like every “computer guy” knows if your family and relatives know you’re into computers you automatically become their go to person when someone goes wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind this. In this case I thought I could share how I fixed my brother’s fiance’s laptop. Twice now on boot it has come up with this message:

Status: 0xc0000428. Info: Windows cannot verify the digital signature of this file c:\windows\system32\winload.exe

After some Googling and messing around with it for a bit, I found the fix.

1. Boot with Windows 7 Install CD

2. Select Repair your computer

3. Choose Command prompt

In the black window type:

4. bootrec /fixmbr and hit Enter


5. bootrec /fixboot and hit Enter

6. Restart the computer

7. Remove the Windows disk

At the beginning of this I mentioned this was the second time her computer came up with the Digital Signature issue. It ended up still being infected by some virus. Microsoft System Sweeper and Malwarebytes were able to clean it up the rest of the way. If it happens again I’ll wipe the laptop and re-install Windows.

Check out the gallery for pictures of some of the steps.

2 thoughts on “Repairing Windows 7 Digital Signature

  1. Cool additional knowledge – startup repair is rarely fun.

    And “Microsoft System Sweeper”? I wasn’t aware MS scanners could actually clean anything. Good to know! 🙂

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