Cisco f(r)ails

Cisco f(r)ails

At work this weekend we were moving racks at our Co-location. We were getting away from a shared full rack and moving into our own half rack. Everything was going great until we got to the Cisco Servers. The first problem was the rails wouldn’t shrink enough to clip in properly. So…we removed the UPS and the SAN then extended out the back plates. After putting everything back in and clipping in the Cisco rails we found the door wouldn’t close because the stupid rails were too long. There was a metal piece on the end that was riveted in and with a little force we broke it off.

Sadly once we got to the other side the problem still existed and we couldn’t just snap off the piece. We put in a Dell SAN and server, UPS, IBM server, and the two Cisco servers. The Cisco ‘fails’ were the only ones that didn’t fit. So now they are just resting in there until we take some kind of saw to the rails.

Check out the pictures to see what I’m talking about.

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