Boxee Remote Review

Boxee Remote Review

Boxee remoteRecently I was looking around for the perfect remote to complement my home theater PC. There were a few good remotes and out of all of them my favorite was the Logitech diNovo Minibut it was kind of pricey. Then I came across the Boxee Remote which was over $80 cheaper than the Logitech. I also decided I liked the design a bit better. There was a lot of hype around this remote before Boxee was released and it was great seeing it being sold separately.One of the most unique features of the Boxee Remote is the fact it is two sided. On the top it gives you the ability to easily choose what to play and the ability to adjust volume. The bottom provides you with a Qwerty keyboard.Using the remote is very straight forward. It comes with a small USB dongle that Windows automatically picks up the drivers and it’s ready to go in seconds. I run Boxee on my HTPC so¬†obviously¬†the remote is compatible with it. Sadly I don’t know if it will be fully compatible with other software out there but I assume most of the features would work because it’s essentially a tiny keyboard.

My only complaint is the fact they made the top of the remote glossy since it will show finger prints and scratches easier. The underside is much nicer as matte black which will look cleaner, longer.

Bottom line is this is a great remote for any home theater setup and I recommend picking it up.

Boxee Remote

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