Physical Security and Procrastination

Physical Security and Procrastination

This summer I’m taking a couple of classes and one of them is a Security Class. Since its a condensed course there is an online aspect and the first week it involved watching a Def Con presentation. Awesome class, right? Who wouldn’t want to watch a great presentation without the class room requirements?

In the video Johnny Long, a ninja hacker, does a great job showing how flawed secure systems can be. Social engineering is one of my favorite types of “hacking” since it usually comes with a fantastic story attached to it. At the start of the presentation Johnny has the crowd guess on peoples status, where they work, and what they like just by looking at a few pictures. He goes on to talk about how easily badges can fool people and get access to areas you don’t belong. At the end of the presentation he talks about shoulder surfing and has a video of him getting the access code to a secure area at an airport just by sitting near a door.

Anyways you can check out Johnny Long’s “No-Tech” hacking video below:


It’s funny how instead of finishing my assignment for class I’m here writing blog posts…

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