Your Digital Life

Your Digital Life

cmdWOOT! It has been one year since I was hired into the first job I actually care for. A job that relates to my future career and what I’ve been working for most of my life. I officially have that one year minimum experience that every business wants. Looking back at the last year it’s great to see how I’ve improved as a person and what skills I’ve obtained.

After thinking about all of that I can’t help but come back and think about my first interview. Most of us have read stories about how someone wasn’t hired or was fired for things they posted online. I never took much stock in it until it nearly affected me personally. The first thing my interviewer said was, “Before we get started I want to ask you about something I saw on your Facebook (or something close to that, it’s been a year)”. Instantly many things started flashing through my brain, what could it be? It turned out to be nothing serious and actually got the interview off to a great start but it could have been a completely different story. One negative picture, comment, or combination of the two could mean I would be stuck cooking in a crappy kitchen.

So let’s all remember how our digital life can affect our personal lives as we move forward through 2011.

Thank you i3.

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